Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blessed am I...

After 3 attempts I am happy to say I am finally finished. If it was not for the Facebook groups for transitioning to your natural hair I don't know if I would have been able to stay on track. I am so glad I did. It has been a very interesting journey. 

This past year and a half has certainly been full of ups and downs, happy and sad, but I wouldn't trade any of it because it has made me who I am today. 4 kids, 10 grandchildren! Never in 1 million years would I have ever imagined this to be my life! I certainly am very blessed to say the least!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reached My Goal!

I am so happy to have finally stuck with this challenge and reached my goal!
Grey or Gray hair!  UGH!
Not as bad as I thought it would be!  I actually kinda LOVE it now!
I started finding grey or silver sparkles in my hair at a very young age.  I am not sure how old I was when I started to dye my hair, but it has been over 30 years for sure!  What a pain in the butt it had gotten to be!  My hair has always grown super fast & eventually my roots were all looking pretty sparkly after 2 weeks!  This can't be good for my body to have to put chemicals on my head every 2 weeks, maybe 3 if I didn't look in the mirror!

And so one day I thought I would start the journey!

This was in 2012 and I had my hair stripped & lightened!  I absolutely hated it!  So I dyed it back a few days later to my usual dark brown.

July of 2014 I thought I was going to keep on track again, BUT.....

Then this happened!  oops!!!

 But it was really because my oldest daughter was getting married and I didn't want to stand out too much & ruin her wedding pictures by having a 
"skunk stripe"!

So I again went back to the bottle!

So after the wedding was over, I was ready to start again for the 3rd time!

So now after 20 months I am finally transitioned!

This journey has been full of ups and downs, crying in private, trying to figure out how to hide my line of shame, etc.  I have made it to the other side!  I have had so many compliments along the way from complete strangers, old and young, women & men!  On my worst feeling days, I would get a compliment and it took me thru the week usually!  And I can't imagine doing this without all the support I got from several Facebook groups online.  All of the wonderful women give you hope and support without judging you if you decide you aren't ready and decide to color again.  
My kids were NOT on board with this and still don't really love it so much but I think it is mostly because gray hair has such a stigma of growing old and death is just around the corner!  And no one wants to think about that! LOL

I will be 59 in November 2016 and I have still to be upset by my age.  I don't feel a day over 25 still!  To some I might look like I have added years to myself by "letting my hair go", but I am thrilled with the end result and I don't care what anyone has to say!

Below are a few of the links to the groups I belong to.  Check them out if you need some inspiration, or are curious!  Great woman!

Thank you so much groups!

Friday, February 13, 2015

More Sparkle Progress

My Hair has so many crazy colors in it!

These are me today February 12, 2015
My hair grows sooooo fast!

Some of the colors I see change the next day!

This definitely a CRAZY roller coaster ride.....

So with another HUGE snow storm on the way, I might be all transitioned before the snow melts, IF it ever STOPS snowing!

WHAT???? More snow???? Where we gunna put it????

Sparkle on......