Monday, November 26, 2007


Host:Megan M.
Location:East Bay Grille
When: Saturday, November 24, 7:00PM
My mom is turning 50! I can't believe it! Help Michael, Melissa and myself celebrate! SHHHHHHHH!!! It's a surprise! Be @ Eastbay Grille by 7:00. We'll have appetizers and cake, dance and celebrate!

Megan M.(The Organizer)
I hope that everyone can make it...I know my mom will be so happy--but let's keep it a secret...because she would never approve!
Bob & Becka
Melissa, Olivia & Jillian
Gina F.
Scott & Tina
Scott and I will be coming...we may duck out early because Scott is working the entire BLACK Friday (Saturday...WEEKEND) Gotta love Retail!
Jess W. & Mike
Mike and I will be there!
Cindi & Ira
Ira and I would love to join you and celebrate! Can't wait. Cindi
Thank you for thinking of me Meg! Looking forward to celebrating her fabulousness. See you soon. Marci
megan my mother and father r coming but they r bringing my nephew.
kerri & Fred
Jen J.
Dolly & Macalla
Barbie, Tim, Karlie & Jess
Meg, we will be there! Early to help too.....looking forward to it, she deserves it! Always doing things for other people, now it is her turn :)
Heather & Jeff
Amy & Derek(+ 1 guest)
Can't wait!
Alicia-YAY!! Of course!!
Jeff W.
of course!!!!!! thank you!!!
Dawn-We are sorry we can not attend because my oldest son's b-day party is that same night. Hope everyone has fun! We will see Melinda at my mom's this sunday anyways but will be sure not to slip! Have Fun! Dawn (Mikes sister)
As we know, I miss out on all the Sat night good stuff :( I'll be at work thinking of you guys! Have a great time!!

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