Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Real...Going Gray

Gray hair runs in the fam!  I started seeing those white silver sparkle strands when I was a
teenager.  I don't remember when I started dying my hair, but I don't think it was to cover up the sparkle, I think it was just to dye it.  I think I thought it was what you were SUPPOSED to do.  Wasn't it?  Aren't we supposed to do whatever makes us look young?  Isn't that what everyone else does?  Face lifts, botox, boob implants, etc.  So I guess I fell into that rut.  I have always been told I "Don't Look Old enough, for the 4 kids I have, or for the 7 grandkids, I have, or on and on."  I think I have always looked my age, however that's supposed to look?  I am actually surprised I have made it to 57!  And dam those years flew right by!  I don't understand where they went!  Anyway, I have finally decided that I am tired of looking like I dye my hair, especially the few days right after, "I've dyed my hair".  It just doesn't look right!  It looks too dark and dyed.  Not to mention the mess it makes and the chemicals I am dumping onto my brain every two to three weeks!  I have tried this avenue twice before and didn't make it.  I feel like everyone is staring at my roots even after only 3 weeks, never mind 3 months worth of roots!  But, this time I am going to do this!  It's time to be the real ME! Dam it!  I mean really at 57 I think I have waited to long already!  But as they say "It's better late than never" or "It's never too late to start".  So here I go on this crazy journey.  I hope I love it.  I hope I stick to it.  I know the real me is already here but I want my outside to really show it!

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Tina Orphanides said...

Hiya I'm 56 nearly 57 have hardly dyed my hair but wait for it my daughter put in silver highlights which over time turned blonde have the skunk line and I don't care I'm enjoying the growing out process I know I know but I I'm being honest I've got more importantthings to worry about than a skunk line don't care about being old and I don't look my age either or so I'm told I'm happy healthy and just getting on with life 😀😀 love your blogs 👍